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Our 20 point Servicing Schedule

Boiler & Burner Service (Standard Efficiency Boilers)

  • Inspect & clean fuel filter
  • Inspect & test operation of fuel shut off valve
  • Inspect & test operation of remote acting fire valve where fitted
  • Inspect air inlets to boiler room for blockages and correct sizing
  • Inspect draught stabilizer where applicable
  • Inspect & clean flame chamber
  • Inspect burner refractory
  • Inspect & clean baffles
  • Inspect & clean burner diffuser & burner blast tube
  • Inspect ignition transformer, HT cable & porcelain for deterioration
  • Inspect & clean photocell
  • Inspect, clean & adjust burner electrodes
  • Calculate correct output of boiler & fit new burner nozzle to suit installation
  • Adjust burner pump pressure & air ratio
  • Inspect & test operation of boiler thermostat & boiler high limit thermostat
  • Inspect & test operation of flame failure device
  • Carry Out Full Combustion & Efficiency Analysis with Flue Gas Analysizer:
    1. Boiler Combustion Analysis O² (Oxygen)
    2. Boiler Combustion Analysis CO (Carbon Monoxide)
    3. Boiler Combustion Analysis CO² (Carbon Dioxide)
    4. Boiler Combustion Flue Temperature
    5. Printed Report with Combustion Efficiency
    6. Full Explanation of Results

Boiler & Burner Service (High Efficiency Boilers)

  • All of the above, plus
  • Inspect & clean condensate trap
  • Inspect & clean condensate pipework
  • Inspect & clean all secondary turbulators

    Visual Checks

    • Check oil pipework and filter for leaks
    • Check oil line fuel filter as well oil pump fuel filter, some oil line filters have paper elements which cant be cleaned and have to be replaced
    • Check oil tank for correct installation and location
    • Check boiler for correct installation particularly flue termination
    • Check wiring and electrical connections are correct and safe, including proper means of isolation
    • Check condition of flue and flue connections
    • Check condensate is piped to a suitable drain or soak away
    • Check boiler pipework and fittings for water leaks.